Product Design

With more and more retailers sourcing direct from the Far East, a need has emerged for brand owners and manufacturers to establish unique individual products that can offer a competitve advantage and point of difference.

The availability of advanced CAD design and flexible Asian manufacturing has resulted in a ploferation of 'me-too' products sharing a common identity. Dagge Design has formidable experience in effective product design uniquely mixing marketing, sales data, customer service information, market research, value engineering and innovation to offer outstanding and individual product design solutions.

We have huge experience in all aspects of product design, from innovation and invention, to creativity, new products, enhanced existing products, colour and product graphics.

If you want to improve your chances with your product, contact us to see how we can help you maximise your potential.

New Product Development

The future of all product led businesses rely heavily on the introduction of new products to perpetuate and stimulate sales. Every season, brand owners will launch a raft of new products to encourage consumers to trade up to bigger, better and more aspirational products.

New Product Development is the essential skill that can deliver this service from the redesign of enhanced existing products to new product introductions using the latest technology, science and invention. Dagge Design has worked with some of the worlds leading suppliers and technologists to provide unique solutions for new product developmement. Using transfer knowledge partnerships, we have often used the technology from one industry successfully in another to offer a competitve lead for our clients.

If your business can benefit from the advantage of New Product Developpment, get in touch, we welcome your enquiry.


Product Design Services

One of our specialist skills is in the creation of three dimensional design work.

Our product design services can be delivered in many ways from basic concept design work and innovation to production ready 3D design work. The following categories will illustrate the extent of the work we have done and hope they

stimulate your thinking too!