Brand Identity & Logos

A strong brand is the most essential tool to help YOUR business.  Today's consumer is extremely well informed, judgemental and quick to identify the value of a brand in a momentary glance. You have less than a split second for your brand to say everything about your business and where you stand amongst your competition. Think about your favourite brands and ask yourself what brand values do they represent? To help develop your business and strengthen it's corporate identity, we are able to offer a high caliber service that can elevate your stature and increase profits. We have the ability to produce an image that sets you apart from your  competition, offer you a competitive edge and greatly enhance your sales potential. A recent project saw one of our clients increase turnover by 40% within 6 months of launch sustaining long term development.  Tempted to see what we can do for your business?, then get in touch to see how we can give you a fresh new image!

Name Generation

Market research availability, generate suitable names and check for conflict risk of new brand name.

Brand Creation

Create a new brand identity logo suitable for the client and make appealing for the target consumer profile

Brand Development

Develop and enhance an existing brand and optimise for the targeted consumer profile

Brand Management

Conclude the design of the brand, issue to various suppliers for use such as print, clothing, vehicle livery, advertising and web