Promoting your brand or product is essential tool to help develop your sales. We are great at generating eye-catching and thought provoking adverts which help increase your sales potential. Adverts are also a great way to increase the awareness of your website, often the hidden benefit of advertising. That’s why we always co-ordinate any advert with a good website.

We also work closely with magazines and newspapers creating great adverts, editorial copy and effective PR.

• PR & press releases

• website design copy and layout

• flag, banners and buntings

• promotional ware,corporate clothing

• display boards and signage

Brand Identity

A strong pertinent brand is the most essential tool to help YOUR business.

Today's consumer is extremely well informed, judgemental and quick to identify the value of a brand in a momentary glance. You have less than a split second for your brand to say everything about your business and where you stand amongst your competition. Think about your favourite brands and ask yourself what brand values do they represent?

To help develop your business and strengthen it's corporate identity, we are able to offer a high caliber service that can elevate your stature and increase profits. We have the ability to produce an image that sets you apart from your  competition, offer you a competitive edge and greatly enhance your sales potential. A recent project saw one of our clients increase turnover by 40% within 6 months of launch sustaining long term development.

Tempted to see what we can do for your business?, then get in touch to see how we can give you a fresh new image!

• Consumer press advertising

• Trade press advertising

• Newspaper advertising

• magazine advertisements

• Website banner advertising

Packaging Design

When you need to sell your product, the importance of how it looks at point of sale is critical, effective packaging will help explain the product and encourage a sale to the consumer.

When shopping in store, the average consumer will scan hundreds of products at once searching for the 'ideal' product. To capture their attention, you are reliant on a split second to make an impression, so the packang has to make a bold and efficient statement. Knowing a few tricks of the trade, Dagge Design specialises in producing really effective packaging solutions for all kinds of products. This has been confirmed on numerous occasions with clients reporting significant increases in product sales due to our new packaging.

Our packaging projects include everything from new containers, flat or three dimensional solutions to labels, cartons, blisters and bottles. With a variety of effective and economically prudent solutions to choose from, contact is to see how we can help enhance your product sales at point of purchase.

Web Design

An effective and efficient website is a key tool in promoting and endorsing your business services. Used in conjunction with other marketing tools such as social media and print, your website will be used as a reference for your customers as well as an efficient shop window to sell and promote your products.

Dagge Design offers a unique tailor made web design service to suit your individual  needs. All our websites are custom designed and programmed to suit a particilar purpose including a number of optimised features to make your website look attractive whilst functioning properly delivering optimum performance. Our work is done in-house, however if additional specialist services are required, we work with our approved developers to offer secure servers and data protection.

If your business is looking for a more effective and dynamic website, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

WI consumer press advert for the WI cookery School

Regional press advert for UK Heritage

Digital Conexer trade advert for Antiference

Mountsure Premier trade advert for Antiference

• magazines and leaflets

• events and displays

Brand identity for  leading Auctioneers and Estate Agents,McCartneys

Brand identity for Talbot Court Resdential Care Home

Brand identity for Allshine, car cleaning products manufacturer

Brand identity for Antiference Television Equipment Manufacturer

Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral are the essential elements required to promote your business, from printed brochures, leaflets, signage and websites to livery and branding. Effective marketing collateral helps get the message about your business, it's services or products across to your customers in a prudent and efficient manner. With a host of different mediums available that help promote your business, we are able to advise and implement the most efficient and effective options including artwork, art direction, photography to printing..

When you need to promote your business, where necessary, we can call on the help of our approved associates such as professional photograophers and printers who can deliver the highest standards at the most prudent economical rates. Contact to see how we can offer your business an effective solution to promote your business.


Graphic Design Services

One of our specialist skills is in the creation of two dimensional design work.

Our graphic design services can be delivered in many ways from basic literature, logos, branding and identity to interactive

media and various forms of packaging. The following categories will illustrate the extent of the work we have done and hope they

stimulate your thinking too!

Website Creation

Unlike freeby template websites, our websites are individually designed. Although good design costs money, remember cheap design costs even more in the long run!  

Our websites are generated to suit your personal requirements using our strong marketing and design skills to best promote your business. We use a strong visual aesthetic to make our websites visually exciting that offer the visitor a good experience leaving a positive lasting impression. We have budget plans to suit your pocket that represents great value.

Our Webistes are managed in-house, should clients require self editing , we are able to help advise on the best options. An alternative to user content management is the inclusion of social media plug in panels as illustrated to the side. We are able to offer e-commerce facilities using secure paypal links as well as SEO optimisation. Web Hosting and domain name registration are factored out to third party suppliers.

Social Plugins

A great way to share your latest news and photographs is to link your social network site such as Twitter feed or Facebook 'like page into your website.

This allows you to include an element of client content management without having to keep editing your website.


We have a wide variety of technical features that can add visual stimulus and interest to our websites.You will aready see them  being used in this site.


Widget plug-ins

There is a host of widgets available such as clocks, counters, weather reports etc.

Picture displays

we include a wide variety of animated slide shows and galleries to add interest

Hover Expand Widget

Cross Platform

Our websites are optimised for viewing on desktops, lap tops, tablets and smart phones.

Contact boxes

we can include anti-span contact boxes rather than revealing your email address.


We use links like these to link up to other sites.


Dynamic Ropes

Expa Fencing

Dyfed Carriage Club

Website for carriage society

Website for fencing contractor

Website for film and television equipment

carriage training

Barry Thomas

Website for equine behaviourist